We hope you and your family, friends, and neighbors will join us for Coastline’s second annual Christmas Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, December 12 from 3-5 PM. This is a fun and free event for all ages! 


The Scavenger Hunt will begin on Coastline’s campus, so make sure your team is assembled and ready by 3 PM! At 3 PM, your team will receive a list of photos to capture, and will have 90 minutes to complete the challenge.


Competition rules:
  • Teams must be comprised of 2-7 people, and must check-in on campus at 3 PM.
  • Each team must stay together for the entire scavenger hunt.
  • All team members must be in every picture.
  • Every picture must be collected.
  • All pictures must be on one device.
  • Teams must be back at church and have their photos submitted to cbenson@coastlinebible.org by 4:30 PM in order to qualify for prizes.
Awards will be given in the following categories: 
  • First to finish
  • Most Creative Pictures
  • Funniest Pictures
  • Most Christmas-Spirited Pictures

Additionally, teams may post a picture on social media using #CoastlinePhotoHunt2021 to be entered into a drawing for a bonus prize.


There will be cookies, cocoa, and a petting zoo to enjoy on Coastline’s patio while waiting for all teams to return. Once everyone has reassembled, prizes winners will be announced!