• Neal Benson
    Lead Pastor

    Neal was born in Los Angles and raised in Big Bear Lake, CA. He joined the Coastline team in 2017 as our Lead Pastor. He loves a good carne asada burrito and is always looking for a great sushi place. In his spare time he dreams about hopping on a plane and checking out Australia with his family. He loves pretty much any sport that has a board involved and is working on getting back on a surfboard. 

  • Becky Shipe
    Director of Church Online & Operations

    Becky was born and raised in Northeast Missouri and moved to CA after college graduation.  She joined the staff of Coastline in 2007.  Becky’s favorite foods are pasta and chocolate, and she’s known for making really good cookies!  Becky loves to visit National Parks and is on a quest to get a stamp from all 59 parks in her National Park Passbook. 

  • Charity Benson
    Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator & Women's Director

    Charity was born in Santa Barbara, CA but has lived all over the West Coast. Ventura is her favorite! She loves coffee and dessert. She is known for always wanting to be at the beach and being obsessed with the color, orange. Charity really enjoys going to new places near and far, but a current bucket list item is an over-the-water hut anywhere tropical. When she's in Ventura her favorite thing to do is enjoy nature with her family.

  • Dorothy Gibson
    Financial Coordinator

    Dorothy grew up in Southern California and moved to Ventura County with her husband, Gordon, in 1977. Her family began attending Coastline in 1992 and she joined the staff in 2005.  Dorothy’s all-time favorite food is ice cream, any flavor, and she’s known for acting like one of the kids when playing games with the youth. Visiting her ancestral homeland in Scotland is high on her bucket list. 

  • Glenn Irwin

    Glenn was born and raised in Long Island, New York.  He loves Mexican food—especially chicken tacos from Sabor.  Glenn enjoys helping others and is known for being quick to respond whenever a need arises. He looks forward to someday vacationing on the island of Bora Bora. 

  • Melissa Jackson
    Administrative Assistant

    Melissa was born and raised right here in Ventura. She would love to visit the United Kingdom, and she is always happy to go to Disneyland. Melissa is known for loving her family and friends and baking lots of desserts for them. Her favorite food is cake, which is partly why she learned to bake in the first place.

  • Ryan Lafata
    Worship Director & Interim CSM Director

    Ryan was born and raised in Ventura County and joined the staff of Coastline in 2015. Ryan loves all food but is especially fond of all things Taco Bell. He's best known for his charming awkwardness.  Of all the places in the world, Ryan would most like to visit Tokyo, Japan.