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New Mission Statement

Pastor Neal and Coastline's Elders recently revealed our new mission statement: "Helping people find and follow Jesus."  Here's a letter from Pastor Neal describing the process that led up to this decision: 


Dear Coastline,

Almost three months ago, I began thinking about the future of Coastline. During this time, it became evident that we needed a clear mission statement as well as clear direction in how to move forward. Several weeks later our elders began to dialogue about the future of our church and where we felt God leading us. It became clear that this conversation couldn’t be accomplished in one night, so we set aside time for a special meeting.


During the next few weeks we prayed, searched Scripture and gathered together to discuss the future of Coastline. In one meeting, we looked at Acts 13, a passage we had studied a few days earlier. In this passage, the leaders of the church in Antioch were searching for direction, and it says they worshipped, fasted and prayed. Using that as our example, we created a six-week plan of intentional worship, fasting and prayer. A few weeks later at our annual meeting we invited each of you to join us in prayer, and we set aside specific times for us to gather and seek the mind of God together.


Two weeks ago, our elders met to define Coastline’s mission statement. We sensed indescribable unity as we prayed together. When we talked about the mission statement elders began to tear up and recount the great things God had done in their personal lives and in His church.


Now for what you really want to read: the elders unanimously agreed that the mission statement of Coastline Bible Church will be “Helping people find and follow Jesus.”


We love that this statement reflects a balance between reaching the lost and discipling the saved. We love how it includes people in every stage of life. We think it’s memorable and repeatable, and it won’t go in a book to be forgotten. We will talk about it on a regular basis. We will funnel new ministry opportunities through this statement by asking questions like: “Will this help people know Jesus?” or “Will this help people follow Jesus?”  We’re thrilled for this clarity as we move forward as a church community!


Let me share some practical ways you can engage with Coastline in this new season:

  • Make a commitment to memorize this statement and apply it to your life.
  • If you haven’t been to Coastline recently, come back and join us as we help people find and follow Jesus.
  • If you’ve been a guest with us recently, make a commitment to be a part of Coastline’s future as we pursue where God is leading us!


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Seeking to please Him,


Neal Benson

Lead Pastor